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Conférences et Workshops 2017

Molecular Response Properties Summer School

Much of our understanding of molecules and materials is derived from their responses to electromagnetic fields – from high-resolution spectroscopic analyses for the identification of molecules in interstellar space, to magnetic resonance imaging used in medical diagnostics, to non-linear fiber optics employed in telecommunications. The Molecular Response Properties Summer School, organised from June 19th to June 23rd 2017 at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, will focus on the quantum mechanical theories underlying weak-field responses in absorption, emission, and scattering, at a level appropriate for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers.

The four instructors of the school are Trond Saue, Patrick Norman, Daniel Crawford and Kenneth Ruud.

For more informations about the school program see the school website.

Theoretical spectroscopy : extending the ab-initio landscape

The conference untitled Theoretical spectroscopy : extending the ab-initio landscape was organised by Arjan Berger and Pina Romaniello at Groningen in the Netherlands.

The aim of this colloquium is to focus on the presently emerging need to understand where and how such "standard†simulation tools are reaching their limits, whether in the approximations made or with respect to their implementation, and which are the required advances. This colloquium addresses scientists working in the domain of theoretical spectroscopy from first principles, in order to discuss and share new ideas, seeking answers to this need.

For more informations about the conference program see the conference siteweb.

CECAM Workshop : Theoretical Chemistry for Extended Systems : systematically improvable electronic structure methods

Du lundi 22 au mercredi 24 Mai, Arjan Berger, Michel Caffarel, Thierry Leininger, Stefano Evangelisti ainsi que Dirk Andrae de la Freie Universität de Berlin, ont organisé le CECAM workshop intitulé "Theoretical Chemistry for Extended Systems : systematically improvable electronic structure methods". Il a eu lieu à l’Institut de Mathématiques (amphithéâtre Schwartz) de l’Université Paul Sabatier.

Le programme de ce workshop est disponible sur le siteweb du CECAM.

CECAM Workshop : Challenges in reaction dynamics of gas-surface interactions and methodological advances in dissipative and non-adiabatic processes

26-29 juin 2017, Albi, France

Organisateurs :

  • Fernand SPIEGELMAN (Université Paul Sabatier, France)
  • Didier LEMOINE (Université Paul Sabatier, France)
  • Bret JACKSON (University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA)
  • Rocco MARTINAZZO (University of Milan, Italy)

Pour plus d’informations, reportez-vous au site de la conférence.

Colloque International EPOLM3 : Energetic Processing of Large Molecules and Interstellar Dust Meeting

14-16 juin 2017, Toulouse, France.
Organisateurs : F. Spiegelman (LCPQ/IRSAMC), C. Joblin (IRAP), O. Berné (IRAP), K. Makasheva (LAPLACE), H. Sabbah (IRAP), P. Moretto-Capelle (LCAR), C. Feugeade (IRAP).

Pour plus d’informations, reportez-vous au site de la conférence.

Nanocosmos Interstellar Dust Meeting

12-13 juin 2017, Toulouse, France.
Organisateurs : F. Spiegelman (LCPQ/IRSAMC), C. Joblin (IRAP), O. Berné (IRAP), K. Makasheva (LAPLACE), H. Sabbah (IRAP), P. Moretto-Capelle (LCAR) et C. Feugeade (IRAP).

LTTC winter school 2017

The 2017 edition of the LTTC winter school will be organized in Luchon Superbagnères (France) within the framework of the School for advanced sciences of Luchon. The school will be held from January 23rd to February 2nd 2017 and is organised, among others, by Arjan Berger, Jérôme Cuny and Stefano Evangelisti.

It will be structured as a series of one-day tutorials on different topics concerning Theoretical Chemistry (Master/PhD level). As in previous years the focus of the school is the translation of theory into computer code. Therefore much time will be allotted to hands-on tutorials.

The school will be held at the "Grand Hôtel" in Luchon-Superbagnères which is a ski-resort in the French Pyrenees with a spectacular setting.

The registration fee is 150€ (this includes all participation costs, except the travel expenses to and from Toulouse airport).

For more details, please visit the workshop web page

If you would like to attend, please :

1) Register using the contact form in the web site before October 31th. Note that the students who attended to the 10th Edition of the TCCM International Intensive Course,as well as NEXT graduate students, will have priority to attend the school.

2) Pay the registration fees (150€) before November 30th (you will receive an email explaining how, and further instructions).

Mini-school on mathematics in electronic structure theory

We have the pleasure to announce the launch of a new series of "Mini-school on mathematics in electronic structure theory" organized within the framework of the GDR Correl and by Michel Caffarel, Eric Cancès, Emmanuel Fromager and Julien Toulouse.

The lectures delivered are intended to be of interest to any person working in the field of electronic structure theory and willing to discover or deepen the mathematical aspects of the methods. PhD students, post-docs or any academic are welcome !

To provide a detailed presentation of subjects, we have chosen to give a good amount of time to each lecturer. The workshop will thus typically involve only two or three lecturers over a three-day period.

We are glad to announce the first mini-school of the series that will be held in Paris the 9, 10 and 11th of January 2017.

Two lectures will be proposed :

1) "Operator theory for electronic structure calculation" by Eric Cancès, from Ecole des Ponts and INRIA, Paris, France

Indicative program (subject to changes and extensions) :

- Hilbert spaces
- Linear operators on Hilbert spaces
- Self-adjointness
- Spectra of self-adjoint operators : point vs continuous spectrum, discrete vs essential spectrum
- Some examples in quantum chemistry (N-body Schödinger equation, Hartree-Fock and Kohn-Sham hamiltonians)
- Some examples in solid state physics (Bloch theory, periodic Kohn-Sham hamiltonians)

2) "Fundamentals of DFT" (tentative title) by Trygve Helgaker from Centre for Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Department of Chemistry, University of Oslo, Norway

Indicative program (subject to changes and extensions) :

- Hohenberg–Kohn theory (Hohenberg–Kohn theorem and concavity, Lieb variation principles, v-representable densities, etc.
- Levy–Lieb constrained-search theory, N-representable densities, the Levy–Lieb constrained-search functional, etc.
- Lieb convex-conjugate theory, convex functions and convex conjugation, the Lieb convex-conjugate functional, etc.
- Discontinuity and nondifferentiability of the universal functional subgradients and subdifferentials, Hohenberg–Kohn and Lieb optimality conditions, etc.
... etc.

If you are interested and willing to participate (even if you are not completely sure, a definitive answer will be asked later), please register on our website.

Important : To facilitate the participation of young researchers, no registration fees will be asked and housing in student-type accomodation will be offered.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send an email to : gdrcorrel-owner@lct.jussieu.fr

Looking forward to seeing you in Paris !