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Post-Doc Positions

In this section, you can find the Postdoc positions available at the LCPQ. For more information about those positions, you can directly contact the supervisor specified in each offer.

- PhotoCORM-based nanomaterials for antimicrobial therapeutics. In the framework of an experimental collaboration with Dr Suzanne Féry-Forgues (SPCMIB Toulouse, PANTHERA ANR project leader) and Pr Vincent Sol (PEIRENE Limoges), a computational postdoctoral researcher will design novel Re(I) complexes with red-shifted absorption properties and will rationalize their photoreactivity using methods based on density functional theory.
This Postdoc subject is funded by the ANR project PANTHERA and will begin in January 2023 in the Theoretical and Computational Photochemistry group of the LCPQ. Applications should proceed through the CNRS job portal :


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