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An European Workshop on Theoretical approaches of Molecular Magnetism

The 8th event of the so called JUJOLS meetings will take place on June1-5, 2015 in Bages, a small village close to Narbonne and to the Mediteranean sea.

Jujols VIII is an informal conference on "Molecular Magnetism". Young researchers in the field are highly encouraged to take this opportunity to speak about their recent work or "open problems". Usually, the presentations cover the following subjects :

  • Research of wavefunction based and DFT methods for the calculation/prediction of magnetic and spectroscopic properties (zero-field splitting, exchange coupling, g-tensor,...) of open-shell organic and inorganic compounds.
  • Development and application of effective Hamiltonian / Spin-Hamiltonian to model the magnetic interaction in open-shell molecules.
  • Applications of the before mentioned methods e.g. molecules with high magnetic anisotropy, para-magnetism, single molecule magnets, light induced spin trapping...
  • Methodological developments concerning the calculation of excited states are welcome.

Liste of participants

Planned schedule

  • Monday, 1st : Welcome cocktail ;
  • Tuesday 2nd : Worning & afternoon sessions ;
  • Wednesday 3rd : Morning session. Excursion ;
  • Thursday 4th : Morning & afternoon sessions. Conference dinner ;
  • Friday, 5th : Morning session. Lunch, departure.


  • We ask all participants to register by sending their name, laboratory, academic status and e-mail address, to bolvin@irsamc.ups-tlse.fr as soon as possible.
  • There is no registration fee ;
  • Coffee breaks, lunches and conference dinner will be provided free of charge thanks to the subventions.

Lodging facilities

There are many lodging facilities in Bages and in the close neighborhood. You have to book your rooms. June is the beginning of the touristic season, we recommand you to make your reservation as soon as possible. Please have a look in the following websites.


The workshop will take place in Bages between Toulouse (150 km) and Montpellier (100 km), next to Narbonne (10 km).

  • You can reach the workshop location by taxi from Narbonne train station (15 euros) ;
  • The Narbonne station can be reached by train from Paris, Lyon, Montpellier, Toulouse and Barcelona.
  • The closest airports are Béziers-Cap d’Agde (low cost flights from Düsseldorf and Bremen) Carcassone (low cost flights from Eidhoven and Charleroi), Montpellier, Toulouse, and eventually Girona.