NEPTUNUS is a FORTRAN code for the calculation of FCI energies and properties written by Bendazzoli G L and Evangelisti S with contributions from Gagliardi L; Giner E; Monari A; Verdicchio M.

It uses the one- and two-electron molecular integrals computed on the Hartree-Fock atomic orbitals (AO), that are obtained with the DALTON quantum chemistry package. Then, the AO integrals are transformed on the Hartree-Fock Molecular Orbital (MO) basis set, by using the 4-index transformation using the Ferrara code. Finally, NEPTUNUS, performs the calculation at Full-CI level.

How to install it ?

  1. Unpack the tarball.
  2. Compile the following programs:
  • Dalton2fci/IJKL
  • Dalton2fci/DALCOST
  • Dalton2fci/PROPERTIES

Note: you will find a makefile to change accordingly.

  1. Compile the FCI program by doing the following: in the directory NEPTUNUS/_TESTDY: check the file OBJ/makefile, change it if needed, and run:
> make -COBJ mizar

> make -COBJ alcor

Running the tests

Go to NEPTUNUS/TEST/H2O and run:




You should get the files momentum.dat and position.dat Compare them with momentum_GLB.dat and position_GLB.dat respectively.

How to perform a FCI calculation?

  1. Run DALTON
  2. Run ijkldali6 (4index transformation)
  3. Run dalcost: prepares the integral file(s) of the hamiltonian from IJKL output
  4. Run properties: transforms the integrals of dipole, secmom and other operators
  5. Run FCI programs: alcor for max 2+2 electrons, otherwise mizar

You can see an example in the TEST/H2O directory.

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