# Cost_package

Web page : https://git.irsamc.ups-tlse.fr/LCPQ/Cost_package

In the whole package “cost”, you can find :

  • casdi : MRCI program (MR-SDCI or DDCI),
  • dolo : localization of orbitals,
  • exsci also named casdiloc: selected MRCI (quasi linear MRCI),
  • noscf : to optimize orbitals (using MR-SCI and density matrices of the states, different spin multiplicity or spatial symmetry allowed),
  • faiano : to transform a basis set in an ANO form (sometimes useful for the localization)
  • etc…

People involved

  • Daniel Maynau
  • Nadia Ben Amor
  • Jose-Vicente Pitarch-Ruiz
  • Antonio Monari
  • Sophie Hoyau

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