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1 December 2023

Roberto Orlando’s PhD defense

Roberto ORLANDO (THEO group) will defend his PhD thesis on December 1st 2023
FeRMI seminar room, 3R4 building
2 pm

14 November 2023

Martin van Horn’s PhD defense

On November 24th 2023, Martin van Horn will defend his PhD thesis entitled "Simulating X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy Beyond the Dipole Approximation: A Relativistic Formulation". This work was (...)

2 November 2023

Maysa Yusef Buey’s PhD defense

On November 10th 2023, Maysa Yusef Buey will defend her thesis entitled "Modelling Interstellar Complex Molecules: Developments and Simulations", which was supervised by Mathias Rapacioli (LCPQ) (...)

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David FERENC (postdoc)
Maïa COURTIEL (PhD student)
Nicolas ISSOT (PhD student)
Paul JOHNSON (visiting prof.)
Prashant KUMAR (postdoc)