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Pierre-Francois Loos’s HDR defence

Pierre-Francois Loos defended his HDR, entitled "A Curvy View on Electronic Correlation", Thursday 25 of January at 14:00 in the IRSAMC seminar room. All the LCPQ congratulates him.

Summary : During this HDR defence, I will summarise some of the projects we have been working on in the last ten years. First, I will describe succinctly several studies we have been doing on model two-electron systems [1, 2]. In particular, we introduced a novel class a quasi-exactly solvable systems, shedding new lights on the universality of correlation effects in two-electrons systems [3]. Second, I will present the work we performed on the mathematical properties of a new family of uniform electron gases as well as the development of a new class of density functionals based on this new paradigm [4, 5]. Third, new recurrence relations for three- and four-electron integrals as well as their fundamental integrals and upper bounds will be discussed [6]. In particular, our strategy to bound rigorously and efficiently these many-electron integrals is presented [7]. This new way of calculating many-electron integrals represents an interesting alternative to what is currently done in explicitly-correlated methods. Finally, I will present the lines of research we have been pursuing more recently.

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