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Students 2015

Hannah WHYTE, from Trinity College Dublin, is present in the LCPQ from September to December 2015 for a master internship. She will work on the DFT modeling of iron organometallic complexes (PhotoTeC team).

Gauthier BOISSARD has joined the PhotoTeC team for his M1 internship that will focus on new iron complexes for photophysics.

Guillaume ROUAUT is in the MAD team for his M1 internship that deals with the movement of hydrogen in neutral and ionized PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons).

Adrien SOUPART is doing his M1 internship with Marie-Catherine Heitz and Nadia Ben Amor on the study of an iron porphyrin complexed by a carbonyl ligand.

Julie BAUMARD joined the SEM group for her M1 internship, which will deal with iron complexes displaying magnetic anisotropy.

Luis ESCALERA has joined the SEM group for an internship. He studies the influence of vibrations on the magnetic anisotropy of Mn(II) complexes.

Thibaut DOCHY is doing his physics M2 internship with Timo Fleig (GMO). He’s working on the hyperfine structure of the YbF excited states and on parity violation.