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Students 2016

Guillaume ROUAUT is back in the MAD team for a M2 internship. He is working on the modeling of molecular aggregates in noble gas matrices and he is supervised by Aude Simon.

Adrien SOUPART is doing his M2 internship in the PhotoTeC team with Fabienne Alary and Isabelle Dixon. He works on the excited states of ruthenium complexes for luminescent electrochemical cells.

Arthur HUGUENOT is doing his M1 internship in the MAD team with Jérôme Cuny. He is working on the modeling of methanol aggregates using the DFTB approach.

Marta LOPEZ is doing her M1 internship in the GMO team with Trond Saue. She is working on the following subject: "X-ray Spectroscopy and relativity".