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Visitors and newcomers

Nicolas CINQ has joined the laboratory as a PhD student in the MAD team under the supervision of Aude Simon and Jérôme Cuny. His PhD, entitled "Influence of Impurities on Water-(solvant/gas hydrate) Interfaces Probed by Molecular Dynamics" is funded by the MUSCOFI ANR. He is in office 218.

Miguel Escobar Azor joined the laboratory to do his PhD in the GMO team under the direction of Arjan Berger and Stefano Evangelisti. He has a doctoral contract under the research strategy of the UPS. Miguel obtained his Master’s degree in Chemistry (TCCM) at the University of Valencia. He is in room 228.

Clotilde Marut obtained her Master’s degree in Physics at the Paul Sabatier University of Toulouse. She joined the LCPQ to do a PhD in the GMO team under the supervision of Pierre-François LOOS and Michel CAFFAREL. Her PhD is entitled "The Excited-State Challenge in Electronic Structure Theory". She is in room 220.