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30 October 2018

Relativistic quantum chemical calculations show that the uranium molecule U2 has a quadruple bond

Using state-of-the-art relativistic quantum chemical methods, notably, the variational inclusion of spin–orbit interactions, Stefan Knecht, Hans Jørgen Aa Jensen and Trond Saue have shown that the uranium molecule U2 has a quadruple bond. This result and others have been published in Nature chemistry.

1 October 2018

Workshop "Journey to the Heart of Matter"

A public conference will be organized on the sidelines of the XVIth RCTF on Tuesday, October 9th from 1:30 pm to 5 pm. It will be given by Bruno Lepetit (LCAR) and Romuald Poteau (LPCNO), in the Marthe Condat auditorium, and will be accompanied by demonstrations of physics and chemistry experiments in the hall of the central building, at Paul Sabatier University.

1 October 2018

XVIth RCTF in Toulouse

The Rencontre des Chimistes Théoriciens Francophones is the biennial reference event of the French network of theoretical chemistry (RFCT). The XVIth RCTF are organized by the main players of theoretical chemistry of Toulouse: LCPQ, LPCNO, CEMES-CNRS, LAAS-CNRS, LCC-CNRS and CIRIMAT, and will take place from 8 to 12 October 2018 in the LCC building.

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