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20 July 2019

Computation and Understanding in Quantum Molecular Science

The conference will be held from September 3 to 7 2019 in Toulouse. It is dedicated to Jean-Paul Malrieu, who is celebrating his 80th birthday this year, for its contribution to significant developments in the conception of theoretically grounded computational tools and in qualitative analysis of properties. We hope to see you soon in Toulouse !

17 May 2019

7th Chinese-French Workshop in Theoretical Chemistry

The 7th Chinese-French Workshop in Theoretical Chemistry (CFWTC2019) is organized by the French-Chinese network in theoretical chemistry GDRI "Réseau Franco-Chinois de Chimie Théorique" (RFCCT). It will be held during May 12-15, 2019 in Toulouse and is organised by Michel Caffarel, Stefano Evangelisti and Hélène Bolvin.

17 April 2019

A Crystal Medal at the LCPQ

Anthony Scemama has been awarded the CNRS Crystal Medal. All the LCPQ congratulates him for this award, which rewards his work on HPC and the development of quantum chemistry methods.

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Ashraful ISLAM (PhD)
Martin BESEDA (PhD)
Fernand LOUISNAR (PhD)
Mickaël VERIL (PhD)
Alexander EFREMOV (Postdoc)