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15 September 2020

Invited professor

Alfredo Sanchez de Meras is invited professor at the LCPQ in September 2020. You can find him in office 232.

17 June 2020

CECAM Webinar Thursday June 18th at 3pm

CECAM Webinar on the relevance of HPC as an enabler of leading-edge simulation and modeling, June 18th, 3pm

17 June 2020

David Sanchez at the "Grand Labo"

David Sanchez, computer scientist at the LCPQ, will take part in Mathieu Rouault’s "Grand labo" de Mathieu Rouault on June 17th, 7 pm.

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Tabea HUSS (Erasmus Master student)
Gabriele RIVA (PhD)
Roberto ORLANDO (PhD)
Martin VAN HORN (PhD)
Stefano DI SABATINO (postdoc)
Fabris KOSSOSKI (postdoc)